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Keypad Lock Installation

Keypad Lock Installation

Whether you want to protect your car, home or office we offer keypad lock installation services, offering extra level of security that a key alone cannot provide. At, CSI Lock and Safe we serve customers with the installation of the premier quality locksmith and other security accessories. Keypad installation amazingly protects your home or commercial places round the clock.


Of course, as you can lose the key, your code can also go in the wrong hand. Even if it has not and you have only suspicions, can recode your keypad. Exclusive feature and applications of keypad lock is given below:

  • Too hard for criminal to pick.
  • Ensures that your belongings and home will stay safe round the clock.
  • Wonderful deterrent for criminals or anyone try to break-in.
  • Requires certain pin code to be typed on the keypad for unlocking.

There are plenty of designs and styles are available, so homeowners or businessmen don’t have to limited with single style. When you use a keyless latch, you don’t have to worry about being locked out and additionally offer extra step of security for home or business.

Offices, jewelery shop, bank and other commercial places need the best of security against burglars, thief and intruders. Growing incidents of crime has provided number of reasons to install highly advanced security systems. Keypad lock installation ensures that your property is absolutely free from theft and burglary. If your office or residence is at sensitive areas, must install keypad lock, surveillance camera, culprit and alarm system that triggers you round the clock whenever there is a breach at window or door.

We offer security personnel to provide relief from theft and burglary and 24/7 surveillance ensure that your residence or business is fully protected and safe. Our surveillance professionals ensure that all the intruding activities will be recorded completely, so you can take step further on suspicious activity and suspicious person.

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