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Tubular Deadlock Installation

Tubular Deadlock Installation

Burglary, intruder crime and identity theft are becoming the common practice these days and millions of people are affected by these crimes every year. Locksmith is one of the most brilliant ways to protect your home, but the one should never forget that burglars or thief have thousands of ideas to enter to home and steal your property. A typical lock is claimed to be quite less effective alternative to protect your home or commercial place from burglars. At, CSI Lock and Safe, we proud to offer premium quality locksmith along with welcoming servicing include installation, repair, upgrading and maintenance.

Improving your home security and installing modified locks such as Tubular deadlock, you can effectively protect your home or commercial premise from number of burglars or intruders having bad eye on your property.

Have you ever heard about this high-tech lock? If no and facing lots of issues regarding home security, just consider our services for Tubular deadlock installation. Features, application and function of this modified lock are under mentioned:

  • It is the best recommended choice for the people, looking for extra protection.
  • It adds protection in your premise without an unsightly appearance.
  • It even makes your home residents against professional burglar.
  • It also gives a prettier or more aesthetic look to door, as well as adds in extra security.

You should never worry about what kind of door you have at your home or shop, since tubular deadlock is perfect for all kinds of doors.

How Deadlock works?

It requires a key for locking and unlocking the door. When you turn the key, it moves a solid steel bar that is called bolt and past the door edge into matching steel hole plate in the door jamb. It extends an inch or more into the jamb and user have to use the key again to withdraw the deadbolt and open the lock.

Deadbolt models and styles-

These locks are also called Through-the-do or deadbolt locks, available in plenty of design, models and ranges. Mainly categorized as-

  • Single deadlock model
  • Cylinder deadlock model
  • Double deadlock model
Features of deadbolt locks are given below:
  • You can use thumb knob to extend or retract the deadbolt.
  • You can use key from both the side of doors.
  • It is typically installed on glass window or sidelight to enhance security against burglars or thieves.

Our company also facilitates additional door hardware, high security lock, and emergency lockout services to make a successful story of high-end protection.

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